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The beauty of Munnar bowled me over and even after leaving the place I cant froget the wonderful nature that I encountered up in those hills. Nature had always been an inspiration for me and I found that the trip to Munnar essentially charged me up and even prompted me to blog - a task that I had been putting off for a long time now... Though tired by the nagging travel sickness which resurfaced with vehemence since leaving me at the latter part of my childhood, I was instantly impressed by the beauty that welcomed me even before we reached Munnar. Once we neared the place, it was magnificient! All around me, I could see cloud clad mountains and beautiful green nature. To add the beauty, the nature decorated the hills with flowers of various colours and hues- many of them not visible any more in my village... The air was cleaner, purer and refreshing. When the clouds came kissing the hills, the spectacle left me with joy inexplicable. Not in the near past had I felt so thrilled a