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Letting go...

When things go against us, we are sometimes uprooted and devastated. A lot of our beliefs seem to be fragile and we find ourselves questioning them. At least, that's what happened to me. I simply couldn't find the answers to the numerous "Whys?" that came surging into my mind. It was as if I was pulled into a whirlpool, from which escape seemed to be impossible. I felt as if I was doomed.   And I could do nothing but let go…I let go… Then a strange sense of peace took over. I realized that there are many things that I could never understand or find the answers to. But, if I let go, it is possible to pick  oneself  up and move ahead. I found that the more I had questioned, the more I was pulled into the depth. The moment I let go of the questions and my fight against the tides, I found I could swim up towards the shore. I realized that not all answers could be found instantly. Sometimes, it is equally necessary to let go the questions to find the answers. And in


I was thinking about my friends. They belong to many categories – close, forgotten, social, casual, networking and what not! Each time think about my friends, I remember one of my childhood friends – Deepa R Nair. I don’t know where she is now. She had to leave our school while we were still in our primary classes as she had tragically lost both her parents and had to go and live with her relations… I still remember her vividly... A bespectacled girl with curly hair! Whenever I think about friends, I always remember her as my first ever friend though I don’t recall why we bonded well... And I still miss her even after almost a life time. There were many others who made my school life worthwhile by enriching my life in their own special ways. But, most of them drifted away in the race of life. Many, despite the technology and the advent Orkut and Facebook, simply vanished out of sight, but remained in the corner of my heart along with the beautiful student days. Along came college and a