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The orange flames of fire Turned objects to Amber Dancing flames captivated My imagination to no extend; Fire engulf all, yet stay pure Iron cast in fire, stays forever... Like cast iron, I too gained strength, Yet, like a paper, I too burned... The embers of fire smoldered me The black smoke blinded me; Life's testing fire turned me to ashes But I flew like phoenix to new heights When I survived the rage of fire, I had shone anew as ever!!! Image Courtesy: Google Image

My Heart

My heart I hid in the Depths of my Soul Shrouded it in layers Of invisible hefty veils... The fragile heart of mine Too deep, for someone  To discover and break, The soul was a bulwark... I held my heart close Eventually, only to lose... Shattered it lay all over And I ran for cover.. Gathering bits of heart Again in the soul I put, Lest it would break again If showed in the open... Then, true love I found Heart joyous and abound, Never was I scared again, It was not mine to retain!!! Image courtesy: Google Images

Bus Journey

  Not long ago, the common sight in the morning (say around 8 AM to 9AM, the peak hours) at any of the villages and towns in Kerala were the same - people hurrying along the village path to a bus stop located some distance away (a couple of kilometers, if not more) to board the bus. Many a times, people would be run-walking (wherein one is almost running, but in reality it is the briskest form of walking) so that they won't miss the bus. If one miss the usual one, then the next one might not even bother to stop. Invariably, all buses would be packed to its fullest capacity, that the cleaner (the pet name for the employee other than the driver, conductor and the checker) literally has to push in the remaining passengers into the overflowing bus. Many a times, he along with the people hailing from the last few stops have to travel rather adventurously, on the foot-board.  If one cares to look around, the front of the bus would be filled with girls and ladies, who would be s