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Cultural Fest / Grandparents Day

Its Grandparents Day!!!
I think that it was after a long time that I saw a school fest today. If my kids hadn’t been participating in the fest, I wouldn’t have gone for the programme even today. But as they did, I went for the function. The distinct feature of the fest was that it was celebrated as ‘Grandparents Day’. Now, we have heard children’s day, Teachers Day, Mothers Day and Fathers Day, to name a few… But Grandparents day??? 

It is a festive mood everywhere
BVB (for the uninitiated, it stands for Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) Calicut has dedicated their cultural fest to the Grandparents who play a vital role in the lives of kids. Many senior citizens of the neighbourhood were felicitated at the function. It was heartening to know that many of them were ordinary people seen at every home.  Normally, it is the people who have contributed much to the society who are honoured at functions. Here, the only criterion was that the person was a grandparent living in the neighbourhood.

Make some noise for the Desi Boyz....
Of course, there were a couple of inspiring speeches and a few boring ones… But when the children took over the stage, everything else was forgotten. It was good to see so many kids singing and dancing to the rhythm… Took me to my own school days when the cultural fest was an occasion to showcase one’s talent and to enjoy others’ performance.  The thrill of organizing, participating and performing was memorable… I could see a glimpse of that today as well.

Tiny tots enacting Old Mc Donald
It was heartening to see the tiny tots of KG performing the action song with so much enthusiasm and innocence. I couldn’t help smiling when I saw the delight of the kids when they spotted their near and dear ones in the audience. 

Group after group performed dances and songs, enthralling the audience. I observed that today’s kids are more confident and sure of themselves than we had been when we were of their age. Even if someone forgot a line or a step, they didn’t just stand there (and cry), but improvised or watching their friends, got back to the rhythm. They are not fazed by crowd too.

Glimpse of Kerala
After many rounds of varied performances by Chammak Challos and Desi Boyz, some nostalgic tunes like ‘Doe a deer…, These are a few of my favourite things…; some old Malayalam songs like Kadalivaazhakkaiyyilirunnu… and keshadipaadam really made my day.

As soon as my kids were through with their performances, we made our way back to home… Though I couldn't any of my other works and assignments, I was happy that I took time off to go with my kids and support them. Days like these won’t come often!


  1. Lovely snaps :)
    watching kids dance... wow :)

  2. U have given a lovely description.. Grand parents Day…it is a great idea ..once they made us happy through their stories and folk songs.. (I still remember my appoppan’s “classic Nunakathakal” and really missing him..)Now it is the time to give importance to appreciating event …

    1. Thank you Sari! In this era of nuclear families and deteriorating cultural values, this was a unique way to honour the grand parents. As we look back, we realize how valuable were the moments we had with our grandparents... Sadly, our children are deprived of that pleasure...


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