Wednesday, February 29, 2012


The orange flames of fire
Turned objects to Amber

Dancing flames captivated
My imagination to no extend;

Fire engulf all, yet stay pure
Iron cast in fire, stays forever...

Like cast iron, I too gained strength,
Yet, like a paper, I too burned...

The embers of fire smoldered me
The black smoke blinded me;

Life's testing fire turned me to ashes
But I flew like phoenix to new heights

When I survived the rage of fire,
I had shone anew as ever!!!

Image Courtesy: Google Image


  1. Keep shining nisha- this is what counts.

  2. Have to dip into water... Water is an integral part to Fire... its like Love to Life...

    1. Yes, GK Sir, Fire and water are essential for life and provides the much needed balance..


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