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An Unnatural Death

Ever since I could remember he was there - strong, well built, arms open in welcome - and now, he is no more there... it pained me to no extend that the huge tree that provided shelter from rain and shine, which stood majestically along the roadside, with its branches stretched over to the other side of the road has now been cut and removed... The spot which was full of life suddenly has turned into a barren land!!! Thanneer Panthal - meaning refreshment booth (or shade of tree in this case) - was a bus stop (named after the huge tree providing shade) en-route to my home from the humble town of Perinthalmanna. Placed somewhat in the middle of the distance from Perinthalmanna town and my own bus stop, the characteristic mark of Thanneer Panthal was the grandfather tree which formed a canopy on the road. It was a pleasing sight to behold the majestic splendour with which the tree stood, holding its head high.  I must have passed by the tree at least a thousand

Temples of Today

Temples provide with the easiest way to connect with God, especially to a person who has embarked on the journey to self realization and spirituality. They provide the much needed imagery to visualize God in a definite form, as well as the perfect ambiance to calm the mind and to connect with one's own self. I've often experienced tranquility and peace of mind by just being in the temple premises. And my favourite time of the day for a Darshan is the evening - the evening Arati and chanting of Mantras never fails to uplift my spirits. The walk back to home after the evening Darshan, as the day slowly turns into night, is one of the most relaxing and fulfilling experiences of my life. I have had the good fortune of offering my oblations at many sacred altars - right from the humble village temple at my birth place to such holy places like Guruvayoor, Ayodhya, Kashi, Gokarna, Mookambika and Palani among others. Curiously, I found that the temples of Kerala were exuding mo


Hollow Words, Harrowing Minds I remain stranded On shores untold; While despair crept in, A light kindled within... Misery was a myth Solitude, I was with; Clarity took over I was sure as ever; Life's little trials Can't put shackles... Adversities subdued Strength regained; Into a world I know  I come with life anew! Image Courtesy: Google Images