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Perceptions ...

It was during a train journey that I met that family. I was travelling back from Delhi to my native and the only thought when I boarded the train early in the morning, with my kids in tow, was to settle into the berths and catch up on the sleep. So, it was with a certain degree of irritation that I looked at the girl and her mother who had already taken up the seat near the window, which was 'ours'. The mother asked if my son could sleep in the middle berth as they would like to have the lower berth. I agreed, as it was early in the morning, and as I was a person who loved quiet mornings, I decided to let it be. Soon, I arranged the berths and put the kids to sleep and happily got lost in the rhythm of the train and slept fitfully, never giving second thoughts to the family again... Some time later, as I woke up into the bright sunshine, my perspective also brightened - so I believe on hindsight. First thing I noticed was the same family of three - a daughter and her par