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As the day withered and the night bloomed I got caught in feelings unexplained Life churned like a whirlwind of emotions Then I lost my hold to its deep craters... A picture painted in lovely colours Faded into grey in front of my eyes A face that was etched in the memory Was drained in the whirlpool of activity As images fell and shattered into pieces, The mind struggled to be whole and alive; As the feet crushed my aspirations and dreams The heart yearned to be up and beating... As the silent cries it uttered went unheeded The poor heart bled and drained out... And the crimson droplets that fell upon the Earth Sung a thousand hymns beautiful out loud. Those who cared to listen could know the pain; A shattered soul, a wounded heart, a fragile body - All cried out loud - but the world seemed not to care For it was lost in the din that crushed many more!!!