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Engineering Entertainment - There is a story in everyone

This time I am going to tell you a story - of a friendship that has dared to go through hitherto untrodden paths. Most of us carry wonderful memories of our campus lives and a few fortunate among us retain those friendships even after we leave the campus. But, our circle of friends form the college days may be around four or five, or maximum of ten people. And they tend to dwindle as time pass by... This story of friendship is unique because it is the friendship of people from the college days. What is so unique about it? You may think - wait a sec! What if I say that these friends passed out of college in the mid 1990s - 1995, to be exact??? Interesting, isn't it? What if I say that these friends are around 50 in number and are currently living in different parts of the world like India, USA, UAE, Singapore and Canada among others??? Not quite what you expected, right? What if I tell you that these friends have now come together to co-produce a movie - yes, you heard it rig

Diwali Memories

दीपावली दीपों का त्यौहार हैं। दीपावली बुराई पर अच्छाई  की जीत का सन्देश देती हैं। This (essay of 6 to 10 sentences during the school days) was my only connection with Diwali till I ended up in North India post marriage. As such, the memories of Diwali brightens up my life the same way the diyas would be lighting up the homes of people in the north. Diwali brings to me the memories of the wonderful times I spent in Lucknow, the land of the Nawabs. Known for its Tehzeeb, or good culture and manners, Lucknow was an alien land when I first landed there. Soon, the city charmed its way into my hearts. I met many people there, learned new lessons in culture and living, celebrated many a wonderful moments of my life. Diwali was also special because in the later years, we used it as an excuse to visit relations in Delhi and celebrate the festival together.  During Diwali, we lighted the diyas at our home, burst few crackers, ate stomach-full of mithaais, supplied and received basket-