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As the wheels of time rolls on...

It is again that time of the year - the time to bid bye to the current year and welcome the new. As always, one cannot help feel how inconsequential one is in front of time!!! As this giant wheel turns in its own rhythm, we try to run fast and match steps with it; only to find that no matter how fast we run, drive or even jet-set, we cannot catch up with the time. It waits for none and continues its cruise, no matter what!!! As I look back on 2012, I can conclude that personally, it has been a fruitful year. Though it started in a laid back manner, once I got into the groove, there was no moment to pause. 2012 would remain a special year as it witnessed few special moments in my life - likhitam, our content solutions firm took off formally... It was a long cherished dream that became a reality... I am happy that my family and friends were equally thrilled with the birth of this new entity. And the fact that likhitam is a joint venture with Malini, who is not only a blogger  (at Trav