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For the newbies - some tips on blogging

First and foremost, this is not about how to write a blog. I am of the opinion that one should write according to one's own style and language, should not imitate anyone else. Each writer has a unique style and his /her aim should be to continuously nurture it.  The other day I happened to come across a comment on Facebook. A blogger had written that nobody reads him and so he has lost interest in writing. The first question that came to my mind was: 'why should I read you?’. I checked the blog of that person and found nothing much interesting (as far as I am concerned) in the few posts that I read. I would probably not return to that blog again because of the feeling that there is nothing in it for me.  I had, in fact, written such a response to that person - but then deleted it; I did not want to hurt his feelings. And it got me thinking. The result is this post. Though I am not a veteran or an acclaimed blogger, here I am trying to highlight some tricks of the