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Flooding Thoughts

I had been struggling against many odds - there was mountainous work to tackle, many pending chores, some friends asking me to help them with some small write-ups and what not! Having tried my best to get everything done at once, I discovered that I am no super woman to do them all. As that wisdom dawned, I set about finishing the tasks one by one... It was during one of the breaks (more frequent than work, I must confess) that I watched in horror the extent of devastation by floodwaters in Northern India. Though I was born and brought up in the southern part of the country and has spent most of my lifetime here, I have had the good fortune of spending a few years up north as well. So, as my fellow Malayalis were actively discussing the 'solar issues' (for the uninitiated, it is a scam that has created more heat in Kerala than even the sun could in this monsoon season!), I couldn't help worrying more about my compatriots who were unfortunate enough to be caught in the

Take Me Back...

I wish to travel back in time Into the childhood of mine When life was a peachy ride Of many many a joyous tide. Take me back once again To the wonderful reign Of innocence and love,  Unbridled, and on the move... Oh! how I wish to turn A toddler once again And rest my head gently On my mother's lap lovely.. As I feel the warmth of her touch I would feel pure love, as such  And there I would remain forever As if life has not moved ahead ever!!! Precious are the moments of past; As I look back, I feel lost! For, Life has given me everything But not the joy of my naive being! Take me back yet again Into the colourful lanes of teen; Let me live my life once more In the rainbow filled times of yore.... Picture courtesy: Google Images