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As a parent, I cannot help being disturbed when I hear about some unfortunate incidents. These days the news of children committing suicide is on the increase. Every time I come across such news, this question pops up in my mind - what ails our children? Alternatively, is it the parents who are to be blamed?  Let me share with you a couple of incidents here - both are real incidents, but I have tweaked the circumstances/details a little bit, so that the identity of the people are not revealed.  I was returning home after purchasing some vegetables and groceries when I saw a paper lying in the elevator. I do not know what tempted me to pick up the piece of paper. May be it felt so out of place in the normally spic and span elevator that I picked it up. As I opened the paper to glance through it, I was thinking that someone dropped his or her grocery list or some other lists. However, as I read the content, I started to panic - Dear Papa, I am fed up of this lif