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Staying Inspired

Recently, I read somewhere that the greatest challenge that one faces is to stay motivated. I could easily understand that. Numerous are the times that I have failed to stay motivated. I start something and continue it for sometime and then gradually, all the enthusiasm that forced me to start it gradually wanes - and one day, I completely lose the interest and give up. I am sure that many of us have gone through the same phenomenon at least once in their life time. If you are a blogger, the greatest challenge you faced would not be writing your blog or getting readers for it. I am sure that after a while, once the initial enthusiasm faded, most of us found blogging a big burden and not the enjoyable hobby that it used to be. Perhaps the single largest reason for people quitting blogging is this gradual lack of interest or the failure to sustain their motivation. As far as I am concerned, there has been plenty of reasons for the long gap between my blog posts. Some of the

उम्मीद ???

बोलो टूटे हुए पंखों से कोई कैसे उड़े पिंजरे में बंद चिड़िया जैसे मन तडपे कोशिश तो हमने की थी बार बार लेकिन डूब गए नाव नदी के इस पार|| उम्मीद पे दुनिया कायम हैं, लेकिन उम्मीद करना भी हुयी हैं नामुमकिन ज़िन्ग्दंगी जैसे डूब गयी हो बीच समुन्दर बचाने आया नहीं कोई भी अब इस बवंडर|| हजारों ख्वाब थे रोशन इन आंखों में न जाने किसने बुझादिये सारे दिए एक पल में अब तो चारों और झाए अन्धेरा ही अन्धेरा न जाने कब टूटेंगे सासों की यह सिकुटती डेरा... picture courtesy: google images  

The Journey

The silence spoke loudly I cringed at my folly  How can the dead talk? But who am I to judge? As the digits remind me  The birth of a dead person, The irony strikes me hard - I keep wondering should I cry Or should I shove him into  The bottomless abyss of fugue? Birth and death are but  Two phases of the jaunt Life is nothing but an inn, The journey has to go on Birthdays mark days of arrival The exits marked by funeral  For if there is an entry, Be ready to go away For life is nothing but an inn The soul has now moved on...  Picture Courtesy: Google Images