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ज़िन्दगी के हसीन पलों में साथ थे मेरे कितने अपने दोस्तों की हंसी से खिल उठी मेरे जीवन के हर पल मीठी आज तन्हाई की चादर ओढ़े खडी  हूँ मैं उन मीठे यादों को समेटे बेचेनियाँ दिल की मैंने  छुपायी एक मुस्कान में, जो थी थकी हुई दिल की आवाज़ किसी ने न सुनी थी सूनसान वह पुराने रस्ते भी काँटों भरी पगडंडीयों ने पेरों को नहीं मेरे टूटे दिल को हैं घायल कर दि आँसू भरी आँखों में क्यों दिखाई दिए फिर वही चेहरा, जो मैंने भुला दिए दिल की पनाहों में छुपायी यादें बिन बुलाये दस्तक देते आगए || मन को संभलते संभलते थक गयी कोई सहारा मिले यही आस लगायी आज भी बैठी हूँ अपने चौखट पर  उम्मीद लगाए कि तुम आए इस पार||

An Eye Opener

They say travelling broadens your horizon. I can't agree more! Every little bit of travel I have done in the past has added something to my life. If not anything else, the sheer joy of seeing new places and clicking a few snaps made it worthwhile. I was comfortable and happy with a set pattern of life a couple of years ago when a change came in the form of relocation. This time it wasn't just packing our things and leaving to settle down in another city across the country - we had to cross the seas and settle into another country altogether. I was aware of the need to adjust - new country, rules, climate, people, culture - everything was drastically different from what I had known all my life. Of course, any new experience brings with it a new learning. Slowly, I too adapted myself with the new way of life and the different surroundings. The thing I missed most in my new life was my birding - back in Kerala, I was lucky to be surrounded by abundant birdlife. Not a day pas

An unusual year!!!

It's been a year - when life took an unexpected turn and gave us a chance to explore hitherto unknown world, I didn't grab it with both hands. It was with some reluctance and apprehension that I packed the bags and started the journey to a new land. I didn't write about the new place - I knew India is a strong emotion that could make me look at UK in a less favorable light. So, after a year, here I am, struggling to put my thoughts across. Liverpool welcomed me with a glorious summer. I was amazed to discover the long days - day light stayed on until 10.30pm during summers. Daybreak was as early as 4 am. Although I had heard about long days, I never understood it fully until I experienced it. It was a different experience altogether. After the brief sunny days came Autumn. Adorned in all hues of yellow, orange and red, the nature looked colourful and vibrant. The colours of autumn had always looked magical in pictures and as I saw the colours changing from gre

A Date with Nature

I am missing the leisurely walks around my home and the numerous birding opportunities back home. Living in the city definitely has its own benefits, but staying away from nature is one of its shortfalls. Having fallen in love with birds, this first winter in the foreign country was a bit harsh for me. Huddled in the cold, I did miss the sultry weather back home. But more than that, I missed the chirps and songs of my winged friends. Not a day passes without my wistfully remembering the magpie robin's song or the barbet's call. There was never a silent moment. Hearty Welcome! Of course, the spring awakens the nature here with a new life. While it was amazing to see the blossoms and newly sprouted leaves, it was more heartening to hear the birds. Thanks to the prediction of a sunny day, we visited the RSPB Marshside reserve today. Black Tailed Godwit The good connectivity between Liverpool and Southport ensured a smooth journey to Marshside reserve. As we alig