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Where there is a will, there is hard work and result

A year of daily sketching! Yes, I did it!!! When I started sketching daily a year ago, it was just as a committment to the word I gave someone I'll do daily sketch no matter what. Apparently, that person saw a potential in me as an artist. It is one thing I am still struggling to believe unconditionally, even as I complete a year of daily sketching. Yes, the journey was tough. Some days I enjoyed the drawings more than anything. On others, it was just a chore I had to finish before I hit the bed and called it a day. On a few days, I even questioned myself - why am I doing it at all .. Nevertheless, I stay put. Why? Mostly because I gave my word to someone who believed in me. My theory was if someone believes in me even without having me proven my worth, I should at least show my gratitude by not giving up. Also, I wanted to prove myself it can be done. So on I went with my tryst with lines. I think slowly it became a habit. I couldn't go to bed without drawing at lea

A time to bid farewell and say Thank You!

Two years ago, when we came to Liverpool, my younger son wasn't very keen on the move. The main reason for his reluctance to move was the friends he didn't wish to part ways with. But then, life doesn't work according to one's wish always. So, he had to pack his bags and start a new phase of his life in a totally new country and culture. Once we reached here, we had two choices - a school (literally) across the road where we lived, and another one, a bit far. Although the latter seemed to have better facilities in terms of a bigger playground and other infrastructure, we preferred the school nearby. This was mainly because most of our colleagues' kids were attending this school and during winter months the less you have to walk in the cold, the better. But, when we first enquired, no places were available. So we thought we would have to opt for the other school. However, the luck turned in our favour as one place came up. So, my son started his first day

Life's teachings

Life is a great teacher. One moment it makes you smile and the other, it brings tears. But, whether it is smiles or tears, there is always a lesson for us. Wise are those who learn from these and emerge stronger from each experience. Yet, sometimes you pause or look back at the life and find yourself asking - why did it happen to me? The answer is perhaps you needed that learning. I have come to believe that behind each experience in life, there is a learning. Thankfully, you don't have to go through all the experiences in life to learn a new lesson.  The beauty of it is - you can learn from others too. However, if you don't learn from others' experience, you may have to learn it all the hard way. So, as I look back at my life, I do regret some of my decisions and marvel at how stupid I was to make them. But, at the same time, the experiences those decisions gave me are priceless. Yes, you gain some wisdom as you grow old. And yet, the greatest wisdom is not t

Of compliments and appreciation

While growing up, I had often felt that the elders around me didn't believe in complimenting the youngsters much. Their policy was just to acknowledge the achievements and keep the kids grounded to reality. I think that they believed too much appreciation and compliments could go into one's head and could spoil the child altogether. This policy was religiously followed in the case of one's own child. But in the case of other children, the rule was a bit lenient as they were  showered with some kind of praise and compliment. Mostly, the praises were reserved for others and not one's own people. I don't remember my sisters being showered with accolades when they brought home numerous prizes and certificates of merit. I need not tell you that the few certificates I got were also welcomed with the same lukewarm appreciation. Only later could I read the pride and joy of our achievements from their faces. I could see their eyes brightening up when we did something worthw


As the daffodils bloom, And cherry trees blossom Arrival of spring brings me A hitherto unknown glee... The icy winter and bleak days Have vanished behind warm rays; The sun is shining bright and hot There's nothing to be moody about. Birds have taken to the sky - Spreading their wings high... O! What a beauty is to behold The mother nature unfold!! My joyful soul is rapturous To know a bliss like this I feel light-hearted and hale Like the song of a nightingale.. Rejoice and revive like the nature, Forget the sorrows you had former... Breathe in the crisp and clear air For life is nothing but a fine reverie!!!

My Sunflower

Long ago, while travelling through the interiors of Tamil Nadu, I came across the sunflower fields. That was one of the most magnificent sights I ever saw. Acres and acres of sunflower field spread before the eyes - until it reached the horizon, it seemed. As we passed through one field after another, I felt I should take a piece of this beauty with me. I wanted a sunflower plant for myself. Ignoring the advice to pluck a flower from one of the fields (it was so vast, no one would notice or mind if someone plucked a flower or two), I waited impatiently. When it was clear that no one would be seen in the field during that hot and sultry noontime, I reluctantly accepted the fact I won't be getting any sunflower for myself. As I sat dejected, my eyes fell on two figures far ahead amongst the sunflowers. I urged the vehicle to be stopped and got down from the jeep as soon as the driver hit the brakes. My sister and I ran into the fields. Seeing this unusual sight, t

Living life - learning all the way...

Once, during my early years in the corporate world, I sent a mail to the HR department asking for clarifications regarding some issues it had raised. I neither remember the issue nor if it was solved. Yet, that mail was a learning experience for me. As far as I can remember, my concerns were genuine and I expected a reply, which would clarify my doubts. Instead, what I received was a rebuke. Apparently, the mail I sent was received by a very senior person in the HR department. That person was offended because an employee of my stature wasn't supposed to speak in that tone with a senior official of the company. I was a bit shocked to receive the mail rebuking me for my insensitivity and lack of judgment. After receiving that mail, I was pretty sure my mail was the perfect example of how not to write to a senior/HQ. Anyway, I took no offense and sent my sincere apologies for the mail, along with my assurance such things will never happen again in future. That incident remained

प्यार के नगमे

हाथ थाम के तुम जो चले साथ में लगे सारी दुनिया है मेरे क़दमों में गर तुम कभी साथ न होते मेरे फिर यह दुनिया किस काम के|| चलना हैं कदम से कदम मिलाके दुनिया से हर हसीन पल चुराके यह सफर सुहानी खतम न होते तुम्हारे बिना जीवन प्यारा न होते|| जी चाहूँ खो जाऊँ तेरी आँखों से झलकती हुई प्यार के सागर में पनाह लू तेरे पलकों के आँचल में बसने दे मुझे वहाँ जीवन भर केलिए || कोमल कली सा ये तेरा चेहरा मेरे दिल को है ख़ुशी से भरा तेरी आखों में मैंरे दुनिया बसी तेरे आँचल में मेरी खुशियाँ हसी|| तेरे आँसू मेरे आंखों से बहने लगी मेरी हसी तेरे होटों पे खिलने लगी तन्हाई में याद सिर्फ तुम आयी मेरे दिल को छूकर गुज़र गयी ||