Thursday, October 6, 2011

A walk in the trees

After many years - perhaps a decade- I took time to roam around the surroundings at home and was instantly lost in the natural beauty... When others cut beautiful lawns and build boundary walls to make their homes more beautiful, we believe in giving nature a free hand. As a result, there is a lush green cover -especially after the rains - and a wide variety of plant and insect life thriving around the place. To add to it, the pond offers water and also some fish for the birds (like kingfisher or a heron).. 

As I wandered along in the shrubbery, I noticed at least six or seven different varieties of butterflies, many birds, and even an owl. Supposedly owls cannot see in the morning; but this fellow could easily fly from one tree to another as I tried to get a closer look and capture its picture...he was quite fast too! I lay in wait for the kingfisher; but was disappointed as not even one of the two types showed up...

As I moved around trying to click snaps of butterflies, I came across colorful spiders, bugs, dragon flies and what not! If the wild life people gets a whiff of it, they might declare the area as protected zone!!! I was told  that a few days ago, the national bird too had shown much interest in taking up a residence out there... 

The birds chirping happily, squirrels scurrying along butterflies dancing around, frogs jumping into water at the sound of  footsteps, colorful wild flowers and foliage... all transported me into a wonderful world of nature... As I sat lost in it, I felt a great deal of peace within. I, once again, felt close to all the trees and plants there. I recalled how I used to run around them and spend most of my free time in their company than indoors... I have climbed trees, fell a few times too; lied under their shade, catapulted into the waters of the pond, spend hours swimming in and playing in water or just sat watching the birds and insects around until someone comes looking for me.... 

I had roamed around the place without inhibitions, dreamed my dreams under the canopy of grandfather trees, lived life with no worries and always content at heart! 

Now, as I relived all those moments, it filled in me a new hope, dreams and aspirations... I feel at peace and content - once again!

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