Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Wait

Ever since I started a new exclusive blog for Malayalam, 'Random Thoughts' have been behaving like an elder child, who just got a sibling in the family. It is feeling that I am pouring all my attention on the new baby and ignoring it in the process. It is getting jealous by the attention that is received by the new baby. But what do babies know about moms??? For a mother, all her children are equal. So, for all who think that I have deserted my first baby, here is the newest Random Thought:

Alone I sat, unaware of the sounds outside
Aware of the tickling moments of Solitude;
The breezy night at the other side of the window
Failed to bring the solitude and calmness to low!

The curtain flied to  me and hugged me
Along with it a cool breeze too came,
It kissed my cheeks, ruffled my hair - 
The soft kisses took me up in the air...

The fall has come and the withered leaves
Whispered  many a stories in my ears,
The dark sky promised a rain;
I waited for my beloved in vain!

I kept my door open for my beloved
I glanced to see him come homeward
But I didn't see him come -
Only a gentle breeze did come!

What if he is not with me today?
We would be together someday;
As those magic days dawn for us,
I will be happy that I am his!!!

image  courtesy: Google images

Monday, August 13, 2012

Another Beginning - or is it Continuation?

This time, I am here to inform you that I have started an exclusive blog for my Malayalam Writings called Hrudayathaalangal (Rhythms of Heart). I wish that all my well wishers and especially Malayali readers (obviously) will extend me the same support and love that they have extended to me through 'Random Thoughts'.

I take this opportunity to once again "Thank You" all for the unrelenting support you have given me in the world of Blogging... I am what I am due to the love and motivation that you all have given me in these years... and hope it will continue to pour in the future as well!! A BIG Thanks to one and all!!!

You can get a glimpse of the new baby here

Image Courtesy: Google Images

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