Friday, April 5, 2013

Take a break, Will you???

Very often in life, doing something for the sake of it takes the fun out of it - blogging is no different. Now, I am not for a moment suggesting that I am fed up of blogging or am not enjoying writing in my blogs... What prompted me to make such a statement is what I read in some other blogs. Now, what did those blogs contain to make me feel like this? Well, that is the gist of this post.

There was (rather, is) this blogger with a good command over language, who used to write on different topics. Whenever I read those posts, I used to find something unique in them. The thoughts came along with ingenuity and sincerity. One could feel that the author has poured his soul out and the joy of writing too reflected in those lines... Even when the posts were sometimes about nothing in particular, it used to exude a certain degree of freshness.

But now when I read the same blogger, I find that the person has lost it... Gone is the way with words, the freshness and the sincerity... Every post of recent times felt as if they have been forced out. They sounded as if the blogger had deliberately written a post when he was in no mood to write one. Just to keep the blog going, I guess... Now a days, mistakes and artificiality is increasing in this particular blog; I have not been able to enjoy reading them. If the blogger continues this way, I may not even bother to read him anymore. I tried telling the person about the loss of special touch, but I think it fell on deaf ears!!!

Blogging is both freedom and compulsion at the same time. While it gives one the freedom to express the ideas and creativity, at times it also compels one to write just for the sake of writing. Though I have very limited experience in blogosphere, I have come across people who would do anything to increase the likes and comments and followers... not to mention the visitor count. And surprisingly, many a times, it is the average blog that has maximum followers. I have been pained to see many good quality blogs being ignored by the readers. Is it because of poor marketing techniques or is it because of a general feeling of insecurity among the bloggers that the good blogs get ignored is a question for which I have not found the right answer till now. There is a prevalent culture of "I will scratch your back if you will scratch mine" in blogosphere and one cant help laughing at some of the antics that go around here.

Now, coming back to this particular blogger that I spoke of, I would advice him to take a break - one need not feel compelled to write; it has to come from within - and comeback strongly. Taking a break would not only give him the time to introspect, but also get rid of the artificiality and the need to stick to certain timelines. Once he frees himself from the clutches of compulsion, I am sure he will regain his lost touch and bounce back even more strongly...

As a parting thought, I would also confess that many a times I am also upset that in spite of my wanting to write, and ideas being formulated in my mind, I am not updating 'Random Thoughts' as regularly as I would have loved to!!! But, I have, to a large extent succeeded in throwing off the compulsion to write for the sake of writing. If you think I have not, here's is your chance to tell me so...

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