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Kerala society was an agrarian society till recently. The paddy fields, the coconut groves, the river, sea and other water bodies were integral part of the lives here. Another significant part, though not a direct one in many cases, was played by the cow. Cow? You may ask. Yes sir, the humble cow (and the bull). So, what is the big role of this ordinary animal in our lives, one might wonder! To start with, the cow gives us milk (someone recently said - no it doesn't we have to extract it; which is technically right, but let’s not get into that right now). Now, in spite of the White Revolution and the Operation Flood, pure milk is something hard to come across. As the cow sheds have disappeared from the house compounds, so has the accessibility to pure milk. And those who are used to drinking fresh milk, right from their own farm, finds it hard to adjust when even litres of milk don't suffice where a few glasses would have been enough for the entire family's need