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The Wait

Ever since I started a new exclusive blog for Malayalam, 'Random Thoughts' have been behaving like an elder child, who just got a sibling in the family. It is feeling that I am pouring all my attention on the new baby and ignoring it in the process. It is getting jealous by the attention that is received by the new baby. But what do babies know about moms??? For a mother, all her children are equal. So, for all who think that I have deserted my first baby, here is the newest Random Thought:

Alone I sat, unaware of the sounds outside
Aware of the tickling moments of Solitude;
The breezy night at the other side of the window
Failed to bring the solitude and calmness to low!

The curtain flied to  me and hugged me
Along with it a cool breeze too came,
It kissed my cheeks, ruffled my hair - 
The soft kisses took me up in the air...

The fall has come and the withered leaves
Whispered  many a stories in my ears,
The dark sky promised a rain;
I waited for my beloved in vain!

I kept my door open for my beloved
I glanced to see him come homeward
But I didn't see him come -
Only a gentle breeze did come!

What if he is not with me today?
We would be together someday;
As those magic days dawn for us,
I will be happy that I am his!!!

image  courtesy: Google images


  1. I too feel the same for my village girl!

    village girl

    1. Hmmm, I guess there are a lot of similarities between us!Anyways, I know that your first blog will always be special and that it will continue to provide good reading...

      Thanks for listening to Random Thoughts!!!

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you മലബാറി! Glad you liked it!

  3. Beautifully rhymed poem....Very delightful....Good work Nisha!

    1. Sree Valli, Thank you very much! Very happy to know that you liked it. Hope to see you @ Random Thoughts again!


  4. Replies
    1. Hmmm, Ajith, I am not sure I understood what you meant by that. As a mother, both my children are equal to me. There might be someone for whom it is not the case, though!

    2. Didn't mean to confuse Nisha,
      I have a premonition that you will be more dedicated to malayalam version

  5. Solitude of love... Well expressed Nisha

    1. Thank you Mubi! Happy to hear from you and glad to know that you liked it..

  6. gud one nisha ..!!!

  7. Your creations are as dear as your children. I liked the comparison. Sibling rivalry?? I don't think so. You will be able to handle all your blogs smoothly.
    Eagerly waiting to read a poem about your children, 'literally'.

    1. Thanks,after watching the children that was what came to my mind... Hopefully, I will be able to handle them all equally.

      Well, lets see if that poem comes out soon :-)

  8. "the fall has come and the withered leaves
    Whispered many a stories in my ears,"

    those lines, I felt more descriptive than few words -

    1. Than you Raghu! Good to know that you liked it!!!

  9. I can relate to this at the moment. I Just posted about the solitude of Love too. Beautiful!!

    ❤Not Just My Allegories❤

    1. Thanks Anisha! Good to have you here.... Would certainly peek into your world as well...Good Wishes!!!

  10. That was lovely writing Nisha and good to see you back nurturing the elder child:)

    1. Thanks Rahul, for the encouraging words... First-borns are real special, aren't they?

  11. very well put.. nice finishing.. keep it up


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Well, the title was reserved for a blog to be written when Tendulkar hit his hundredth ton... Seems that we will have to wait a little more for that. In the mean while, I reached this personal milestone of 100th entry in my Blog! Even though its not a historical or hyped event, but just a humble achievement of a rather unknown and uninspiring blogger, personally, it is a great achievement for me. What started as a time-pass has now become a passion.  So, allow me to celebrate this small event. It is only proper that I express my gratitude to some important people who have helped me to reach this far.... I started out with no idea of what blogging is or how it is done. I was inspired by my friend Ranjith Menon to start a blog, way back in 2009 (I think). It was created and soon forgotten... Then for two years it lay dormant... I don't know what hit me, but in 2011 I started blogging like a man possessed ... and the result is that I am here at my 100th post today. I

The Lost World

  It must have been around 2 O' clock in the noon... All the people around me were enjoying their mid noon siesta... I was waiting with baited breath among the foliage... Soon, I could hear the voices...and the stealthy footsteps coming closer. I remain hidden behind my favourite mango tree. My heart was thumping... What would happen? Will the plan backfire? Will someone find fault with me? A thousand questions seem to crop up in my mind in a matter of seconds... With the heart beats sounding like drum beats, I waited for the right moment. As soon as the stealthy steps sounded near enough, I darted out from behind the tree and shouted at the top of my voice (believe me, I can be heard by the whole village when I shout!) "Who goes there?''  The shock and terror on the face of my unsuspected victims were inexplicable. They screamed to each other 'Rrruuunn...' and scampered here and there. Soon, most of them were not to be seen, except a small