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Take a break, Will you???

Very often in life, doing something for the sake of it takes the fun out of it - blogging is no different. Now, I am not for a moment suggesting that I am fed up of blogging or am not enjoying writing in my blogs... What prompted me to make such a statement is what I read in some other blogs. Now, what did those blogs contain to make me feel like this? Well, that is the gist of this post. There was (rather, is) this blogger with a good command over language, who used to write on different topics. Whenever I read those posts, I used to find something unique in them. The thoughts came along with ingenuity and sincerity. One could feel that the author has poured his soul out and the joy of writing too reflected in those lines... Even when the posts were sometimes about nothing in particular, it used to exude a certain degree of freshness. But now when I read the same blogger, I find that the person has lost it... Gone is the way with words, the freshness and the sincerity... Every