Wednesday, July 17, 2013

If Only.....

If only I could read what is in your mind,
I could either cry in sorrow or happiness...
If only you could say those magic words,
I could let the whole world know the news

This silence is killing me from within
I know my life has changed, if anything...
Having met you and fallen in love with you
I discovered a host of possibilities anew

Now if you will leave me here stranded
Life would turn a journey hard to be lived
My dreams and life, I weaved around you
Will be meaningless and shallow without you

If only I know how to spend these days
In anticipation of your unsaid answers
Life would have been simpler and beautiful
With you beside me, everything's plentiful

Now, speak your mind and spare me this agony
Come to me and hold me in your arms honey;
Whisper those sweet little words to me
Let us discover a new world of you and me...

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  1. I'm gonna dedicate this to my sweet heart.. :)

  2. A host of possibilities

    Well presented, Nisha!!

  3. lets discover a new world of u&me.... :) . good wishes

  4. Very beautifully written. I feel the writer's pain though I know perfectly well that the writer is my sister and she's happy as a cloud.:) Great job.
    P.S. : I've written a poem too..along these lines..along the lines of a lost mind..lost love. I'll publish it. If it is half as scintillating as this one, I would consider it a success :)

  5. Love is the answer ... without it, would life be worth living? I think not. Thanks for posting this

    You've done a grt job n expressing true love. " Whisper those sweet little words to me".... and those whispering voice will be spellbinding!

    Best Wishes

  6. There is always hope.....when love is around :)


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