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Practice makes progress

It is that time of the year again when I brag about my progress in art. For all those of you who don’t follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, or who don’t know me yet, this post is about my artistic pursuits.  So, the gist of the story is I started drawing daily from 18th November 2017. For the past two years, I have never missed (although one day I almost did - that story can be found  here ) doing my daily drawings. Like last year, this year also I had done few one-minute drawings or some ‘too simple to call a drawing’ kind of drawings. Especially on the days I travel or the days I was ill, the task was difficult to undertake. Yet, persist I did and today completed two years of daily drawings. As you can see from the pics attached, I have vastly improved - my skills and understanding have become better and better. My strokes have become confident and I have finally started feeling I can draw and paint anything I want to. I have grown immensely during these two years a


The other day, my son came home, eyes all welled up - he was struggling not to cry. When I asked the reason he looked so upset, he couldn’t control himself and amidst sobs, he told his friends made fun of him for playing ‘old’ games. For a moment, I didn’t know what to say. I simply hugged him and told it’s ok even though I knew he wasn’t ok. I let him cry for a couple of minutes and then spoke to him to find out what really happened. It turned out they were teasing him for playing outdated games (gaming is one topic they talk non-stop at school, I guess) while they played ‘cool’ games on the mobile. He was upset also because they were trying to annoy him even though he tried to move away from them and avoid the situation. They kept on teasing and later tried to make up - even when he was not interested in talking to them. He ended the narrative saying - I would not talk to them ever! I listened patiently and told him if that is what you want to do, it is ok with me. Try not t