About Me

I am Nisha- a unique creation of the Master Sculptor himself. And I play my small bit in the Universal Drama of which he is the director. My role has lot many parts to play- a Daughter, Sister, Wife, Mother, Friend... Its amazing that my director has made me well equipped that I am able to play all these roles in the best possible manner. More importantly, it is made in such a manner that no one can replace me! While enacting my role, I have had lots of memorable experiences that have enriched my soul... I have tried to assimilate as much wisdom as I can so that when my director gives me another role in his new play I am a bit more perfect...And one day, on attaining perfection, I can bid Adieu forever....

Presently, I am reaching out to you from God's Own Country, Kerala. This land has inspired me like no other... the lush green landscapes, waters and mountains of my homeland is dear to me. It is but natural that you will find some of these beauty spilled over in my writings... 

I am glad that I found you reading these lines... And I am sure that my life & yours are connected in the divine drama... or else we wouldn’t have met here. I wish you a Beautiful life full of joy, love & peace!!!


  1. That's a great intro!

  2. Gr8 intro chechi.. I'd like to do somethin similar in my prof too.:)

  3. Thanks Winnie... Of course, you can do that. And thank for dropping in. I just glanced through your blog. Shall come back later for a detailed read.
    PS: Welcome to the club!

  4. Nice blog !!


  5. You have a very nice blog..Keep posting..:-)

  6. Hi Nisha, accidentally dropped in to your blog and really found it great. Indeed a nice reflection of thoughts in words. Keep your good work on.

    I have also started one blog (just one entry old as yet !!)..do visit once and subscribe if you like it :)

    Stay blessed..

  7. Dear Nisha,
    It happened to go through your blog don't know how it connected, while went through then feels like some kind relief / relax experiencing. I am not so talent to write something in an ambitious way like you. May God bless you to carry on the passion and my best wishes to you dear friend.


  8. Dear Nisha,

    I chanced upon your name when I was trying to find some help on locating a Kalamezhuthu. I read your introduction - it's beautiful - simple, unpretentious and yet philosophically evolved.. I'm not into blogging at all & don't understand a thing about how to reach you. I'm going to be in Kerala from 30th Dec to 12th Jan & I'm dying to see a Kalamezhuthu. Can you help..? How can we 'talk' - I don't understand blogging protocol.



  9. We invite you to join www.jwalanam.in - an interactive portal for promotion of literature and art. It is a platform for writers..

  10. Hello Nisha,

    Namaskaram ! Nyan Radha Krishnan !

    Working as on boarding language lead for malayalam and tamil. And want to discuss with you about our company in malayalam literature platform.

    Kindly shar your mail id or text me whatsapp 9867094760


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