Monday, July 3, 2017

An unusual year!!!

It's been a year - when life took an unexpected turn and gave us a chance to explore hitherto unknown world, I didn't grab it with both hands. It was with some reluctance and apprehension that I packed the bags and started the journey to a new land. I didn't write about the new place - I knew India is a strong emotion that could make me look at UK in a less favorable light. So, after a year, here I am, struggling to put my thoughts across.

Liverpool welcomed me with a glorious summer. I was amazed to discover the long days - day light stayed on until 10.30pm during summers. Daybreak was as early as 4 am. Although I had heard about long days, I never understood it fully until I experienced it. It was a different experience altogether.

After the brief sunny days came Autumn. Adorned in all hues of yellow, orange and red, the nature looked colourful and vibrant. The colours of autumn had always looked magical in pictures and as I saw the colours changing from green to red, I was thrilled beyond words. Soon the colours faded and all that left was bare branches....

Winter was cold and bleak. Daylight refused to show up on days altogether. If at all it did, it disappeared even before the evening was over. It was a bit eerie to pick the kid from school as darkness enveloped us....

As I watched the sun and moon travelling from horizon to horizon at eye level, I marvelled at the ways of nature. The snow fell, bringing child like happiness and we awaited the warmth of summer. As the spring came, nature was reborn. The flowers and birds heralded a new beginning and one couldn't help singing an old tune or two.

Each day I discovered new aspects of life. I made new friends, visited beautiful lands, learned to live without meeting dear ones every now and then, and as life centred around our nuclear family we discovered ways to be happy with ourselves.

At the turn of the new year, we embraced healthy living like never before... now half way through this year, we are healthier and fitter than before - a proud and happy bunch.

Of course, as a wanderlust who feels at home anywhere within few days, I feel at home here. Yet, somewhere in the heart the yearning for motherland is strong. Not a day goes by without the thought of 'home' prominent in my mind!

Life has been kind - so has this new 'home away from home'. Perhaps when the time comes to move on, this beautiful city will also find a special place in my heart. Until then, I hope to make the best of the opportunity and keep discovering life anew!


Godan Nambudiripad said...

Great writing. I too has experienced dome of this a few times over.

Unknown said...

Well written Nisha

Rahul Palulli said...

Lovely piece of writing. Could relate well to many of those thoughts.

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