Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dawn is peaceful and recharging-
I sat on the moist grass
With a throbbing heart...
When the dew drops fell on me
I felt like the little flower
That opened up gladly to receive
The magical dew drops!

The youthful Sun - so fresh and soft-
Slowly arising in the horizon;
The birds chirping in ecstasy;
Welcoming the new day -
With happiness and joy!
O! Mother Nature! you fill each heart
With joy unlimited; everyday!!!

I am lost in this beauty -
I feel one with nature
Needless to say, I am up in the sky;
On the chariot of clouds...
Moving; drifting slowly away -
Into the strong arms of
The ONE who is the designer...


  1. Nice poem. Loved the way you started and was expecting it to end on a happy note.

  2. Thank you Leo! In a way it has ended in a happy note... It was being one with God and Nature that I highlighted in the end - not the 'End' as such :-)


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