Thursday, April 7, 2011

An Observation

Not long ago, we could see ladies in the traditional outfit of Kerala - Veshti Mundu or even a Saree. But now the scene has changed. More often than not, we see them in nightie (or maxi as it is sometimes called). Or else, they would be wearing Churidar / salwar - kameez.

This change has occurred across religion and castes. Even in a remote village, one can find people clad in them. The very term nightie implies something that is worn at night, but we feel comfortable wearing it day and night! Earlier, people seldom went out of the house in nighties, but now it is not so. It has become so popular among the ladies of Kerala that I feel we should declare it  the state dress!

The Muslim ladies are more or less seen in the Abaya these days. My Muslim friends say that is not only convenient but also a part of their religious requisite. And even in that a lot of variety is available these days. It has become so popular among the old and youth that, the traditional Malabari outfit of Muslim women is no where to be seen these days.

The men are also not far behind. Earlier, we found them in their dhotis or lungis. But now a days, jeans and pants are preferred to them. Of late Bermudas too have joined the list. It is the younger men who can be found wearing these. The older generation (especially in the villages) has not yet embraced the change. They seem to be happy and comfortable in their dhotis and lungis.

The children have also changed dressing styles. For girls, Pattupaavada is reserved for special occasions. Boys are not interested in dhotis. Many cannot manage it if at all they wear it. They are happy in their Bermudas.

With time, change comes. I feel that we have a knack to adapt ourselves to these changes easily, especially if they add to our comforts. So, it will not be surprising to see more changes in the times to come. 

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