Thursday, March 24, 2011

Children- Great Teachers

I have often felt that a child can teach you many things in an uncomplicated and most efficient manner. Whether it is loving unconditionally or forgiving one's mistakes, we can learn a lot from the children.

A child loves unconditionally. It is not because of the n number of chocolates or toys that we gift them that they love us. They don't love us less for our weakness. They teach us that it is "ok" to make mistakes; and that one need not unnecessarily fuss about it. They can easily forgive, forget and move ahead.

When a mother scolds her child, the child cries calling the mother herself.  A few minutes later the same child goes to her mother - may be for playing or for something else. She does not hold a grudge. Even if two children fight, they make up. But, if it were two adults who has had a fight, then how long does it take for them to forget and forgive, before they can even talk to each other???

Children are far more caring and observent than we adults credit them with. I have often found my own children caring and thoughtful if ever I am ill. They are always ready to be of any help and even make it a point to console us in troubled times.

The children dont judge us unfavourably - the way we do to them and others. They are more adapting and open. They are enthused and lively all day, almost everyday!

Once upon a time, even we were like that... Why did we change into the nasty things that we sometimes are to each other? Why don't we ever give the benefit of doubt to the other? 

May be it's because we have forgotten to be simple - in our thoughts and our lives. We have forgotten to find happiness in little things of life; instead we complicate life unnecessarily by focussing everything on, and around 'us'. May be it's because we have inflated and pampered our egos in such a way that there is no scope for anything else. We have forgotten to be childlike - unconditional! 

May we all re-discover the child in us and live happily everafter!!!

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