Monday, March 14, 2011


There is a huge pond nearby the place I live. Adding to the grandeur is a famous Shiva temple in front of which is the pond situated. As can be expected in a village, a couple of temples devoted to Krishna and Ayyappa too grace the place. The whole ambience around the place is very serene. I enjoy being there.

In the mornings one can see the water lilies poking their smiling faces out of the water, instantly bringing warmth in you. The magenta colour of the flower stands out in the greenish shade of water. There is certain crispiness in the atmosphere. A kingfisher is awaiting his chance for his breakfast and keeps his vigil for the right moment.

By noon, the flowers have all gone asleep and lay tired in the waters. The gentle waves rock the flowers and keep them comfortable in their cradle. Numerous schools of fish perform their synchronies charmingly. Despite the sweltering heat, the breeze that blows from the pond is cool and soothing. That may be the reason why the youngsters are gathering around in groups there in the mid noon, exchanging news. And on some days a snake bird can be seen diving into the waters at one place and coming up elsewhere. The black bird surely knows how to beat the heat!

In the evening, all the peace is broken. Many kids gather around the pond to dive into and swim in the water and have a great time refreshing themselves. A lot of devotees hurry down the steps to wash their face and feet before going to pray to God. A lot of washing and bathing too occur as the hours of dusk go by.

By night it’s quieter. The blooming buds are turning into flowers and the soft wind is kissing its petals. The moonlight is hugging the water and the ripples are creating lovely pattern of rings… Everything looks lovely in the moonlit night. The breeze is cooler and aromatic as the night flowers blooms… Truly the earth has turned into heaven.

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