Thursday, March 17, 2011

Essence of my life

Every steps I've taken
In this short life,
I know, has been under
His guidance!

Every success I’ve tasted
In this life,
I know, was made sweeter
By HIS presence!

Every sorrow that has come to me
In my strife,
I know, has been HIS unique way –
Of telling- HE is there for me

Every person that has blessed my life
In these decades of my life,
I know, was HIM personified –
To help me live better!

Every instance – joyous and sad –
That I’ve come to experience,
I know, was HIS way
Of making me stronger!

Every day, each moment, of
This trifling life
I know, were made significant
By HIS presence in it!

Every day, I bow to HIM,
In deepest of devotion,
For I know, HE is the
Essence of my life; my existence!

1 comment:

roopz said...

Even I believe so....

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