Monday, March 14, 2011

Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan

The recent catastrophe that devastated Japan left me thinking as to how powerless we are in front of the furies of nature. While watching the scenes of Tsunami washing away the whole of Miyagi town, I was dumbstruck and humbled at the same time. When the waters rushed in, it engulfed everything in its path – buildings, vehicles, trees and plants and what not! It seemed like watching a child tossing his playthings in a tub of water; but the aftermath of the calamity is too terrible for me even to describe!!!

Naturally, we were worried about our friends and relatives in Japan. On calling up a mutual acquaintance, I was taken aback by the nonchalant manner in which they responded to the news of earthquake. As earthquakes were pretty normal there, it made no news to them. It turned out that they didn’t know about the devastating Tsunami.

I couldn’t help admiring the Japanese premier for his calm address to the press. As an earthquake prone region, they are better prepared to tackle the crisis. But the Tsunami brought in unprecedented devastation in its wake. The Prime minister later declared that this was the major crisis to have happened to Japan since WWII.

If the earthquake shook the region, the Tsunami wrecked it and the latest news of a volcanic eruption added to the havoc. These were all natural disasters. But a still larger one is looming high, it seems- the nuclear reactors are malfunctioning. Though no serious radiation has yet happened, one can’t keep thinking what if things are not under control soon!

It brought back the truth to the mind. However much man thinks that he has controlled the nature and its resources, he is nothing. A huge shake or a giant wave of rushing water or even erupting mountain can finish him off in no time. When one understands this, one can only feel humbled.

My feelings go to all the victims and Japan as a whole. It will take a lot of time to heal and rebuild the lives. But, human beings have the uncanny knack of bringing out the best in them in such worst times. So, it will be no wonder is the Japanese bounce back into life sooner! I hope they do!!!

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