Sunday, March 13, 2011


I was cruising along in life and suddenly I was engulfed by nostalgia. My thoughts took me back to my childhood wherein life was happier, simpler and less confusing. All one did was live in the moment. When I look back, I can say that I lived that life to the fullest.

I had my share of fights with my sisters, but I also had enough time to play games with them, and share my laughter and tears too. More importantly, we loved each other and that kept us together. I can recall numerous occasions on which they lovingly guided me and kept me out of trouble. Of course, they got me into trouble a couple of times too...

I turned out to be a loner later on, enjoying the solitude of the trees and nature that surrounded our ancestral home. Holidays invariably saw me near the pond gazing into the water or watching the kingfisher or the Kulakozhi (White breasted water hen) family that roamed about the pond premises. I used to day dream on all sorts of subjects and believed that the nature and the creatures could hear me - I thought of myself as their friend.

During the monsoon, I loved soaking in the rain and playing in the puddle. I loved picking mangoes during the summer and used to eat them as soon as I pick them up - why bother washing them? When the older cousins came for holidays they always beat me in the race to pick up newly fallen mangoes and often left me crying with no mangoes to eat!

I loved everything those days. I could roam around carefree, never judged people unfavorably and always found happiness in little things...

Sometimes I feel like going back to all that... Life was less complicated and demanding. I wish I still had that simplicity in me. I wish I could smile a lot more like I used to do then. But when I realize that those days made the me of now, I can't help feeling grateful!!!

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