Friday, January 27, 2012

My Garden

The garden of my soul arid,
Cool showers of rain it longed;
The flowers all withered and dry
Forever thirsty and hungry...

Once, I watered it with love,
Found the flowers aglow...
The desert turned fertile;
Its struggles all futile...

The leaves whispered to me -
Thousand tales of amuse;
The flowers smiled at me
As alive they became...

Life needs nothing, but love,
To burgeon in its grove...
Loving droplets of water
Is all it needs to prosper!!!


  1. yet another wonderful poem :)
    keep rocking and penning JI :)
    that snap.. you took it ?

    1. Thank you Deepak! I think I am getting the hang of it :-)
      No, the picture is courtesy of Even though there are few in my collections too, this one seemed more apt. So I used it.

  2. "The desert turned fertile;
    Its struggles all futile..."-Wonderful lines

  3. I was looking for gardening tips and stumbled across your website. This was a lovely little find. Thank You

    1. Thank you Barbara! I am glad that you liked what you saw. At the same time, I am sorry that you didnt get any gardening tips from here :-(

  4. True, life needs love to flourish...Beautiful poem!

  5. U conveyed the ultimate truth of life. All we need are few droplets of love to flourish and prosper.

    1. Thank you Leo! Love is indeed the greatest of motivators....


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