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A Round up of Events

As I was busy writing pages after pages after pages to meet the deadline of my assignment, many things happened (in some cases, didn't happen) around the world. I had noticed it all, but didn't give much thought to... 

As an Indian, it was once again agonizing to see India surrendering meekly to the Australians. Match after match, Indians have displayed how to lose a match in no time and now it seems that the patience has run out... So, topping the list of things that didn't happen are: India's win in Australia and (sigh!!!) Tendulkar's 100th 100! (Now I think that the odds are high that I'll be hitting 100 posts on my blog before the 100th ton happens)
As India played Bayern Munich, fans hoped for a better show, but that didn't happen.  As Baichung Bhutia wore the Indian Colors for the last time, fans turned up in huge numbers to cheer him.

Of the things that happened, I take great happiness that my fellow blogger and well-wisher, the "Village Girl", now have 100 followers for her blog - It is a tremendous achievement and truly deserving one too...Well done Village Girl!

Another nice thing that happened was that Hindi Film lyrics are back to their poetic best. Though they are only a few, I take heart from the fact that after too much of Hinglish songs and nonsensical lyrics, at least a few good songs are doing rounds now. 
Another major change that happened was that Malayalis are working on a day of Hartal. Though it is disheartening to know that we are not supporting a social cause, it is indeed a right step for future. It is high time that we rejected the calls for useless Hartals and other unproductive methods of protest. 
The Kerala State School Youth festival is going on in Thrissur with great pomp and fanfare. It remains to be seen as to how many disputes arise out of this cultural extravaganza that has become a matter of pride and grades rather than about art. 

Closer at home, some close relatives sprang a surprise visit on us, making the weekend truly memorable. A family friend who had undergone a complex hip replacement surgery was back at home. 

One more Sabarimala season got over without any untoward incidents despite the growing tension between Kerala and Tamil Nadu over Mullaperiyar. 

And while the North of India was shivering under cold weather, I was enjoying the warmth of  the Southern sun and busy completing my assignment. (Yes, it lies somewhere down in the list of things that happened.)


  1. Really nice.The harthal boycott is a big thing I'd say!

    1. Yeah, very true... Seems like we have decided to change for good... Don't know what will happen if a hartal is announced for a political cause though...

  2. spicy news like India @ 9 :P :P haha !
    good one :)-DeepaK

    1. Thanks Deepak! I thought that for a change, I'll write about everything and nothing!!!
      Liked your comparison with India @9

  3. :) weekly round up on Nisha Radio!

    1. Ha Ha Ha... never thought like that. interesting!!!

  4. A lot is happening around you, Nisha... Life is dull and boring on my side...:)

    1. Yes, Saru, A lot did happen around here. I hope you will also find something interesting happening soon at your end.

  5. Hi. I saw your blog through my cousin bro's. I don't know if you know me, but I like your blog. It's all 'bout being Mallu, isn't it? :) Anyway, be sure to check out my place.

  6. Hi,
    Thanks a lot for your good words. Would visit your blog ASAP. And yes, its all about being a Mallu!!!


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Well, the title was reserved for a blog to be written when Tendulkar hit his hundredth ton... Seems that we will have to wait a little more for that. In the mean while, I reached this personal milestone of 100th entry in my Blog! Even though its not a historical or hyped event, but just a humble achievement of a rather unknown and uninspiring blogger, personally, it is a great achievement for me. What started as a time-pass has now become a passion.  So, allow me to celebrate this small event. It is only proper that I express my gratitude to some important people who have helped me to reach this far.... I started out with no idea of what blogging is or how it is done. I was inspired by my friend Ranjith Menon to start a blog, way back in 2009 (I think). It was created and soon forgotten... Then for two years it lay dormant... I don't know what hit me, but in 2011 I started blogging like a man possessed ... and the result is that I am here at my 100th post today. I

The Lost World

  It must have been around 2 O' clock in the noon... All the people around me were enjoying their mid noon siesta... I was waiting with baited breath among the foliage... Soon, I could hear the voices...and the stealthy footsteps coming closer. I remain hidden behind my favourite mango tree. My heart was thumping... What would happen? Will the plan backfire? Will someone find fault with me? A thousand questions seem to crop up in my mind in a matter of seconds... With the heart beats sounding like drum beats, I waited for the right moment. As soon as the stealthy steps sounded near enough, I darted out from behind the tree and shouted at the top of my voice (believe me, I can be heard by the whole village when I shout!) "Who goes there?''  The shock and terror on the face of my unsuspected victims were inexplicable. They screamed to each other 'Rrruuunn...' and scampered here and there. Soon, most of them were not to be seen, except a small