Sunday, January 22, 2012

Who are you???

Every day I see you,
Delicate and demure
Jet black curly hair,
Intense, gleaming eyes
Dusky, skinny beautiful...

In my mind's eye,
I behold you - a child;
Despite the decades
That parted us - when
I lost you in life's strife...

Wondering what life
Would've made us,
Had we been together -
Would our kinship have
Grown; or withered away???

I carried you in my heart,
Over the decennials of my life...
As I grew older and fatter,
You remained same - thinner
And younger, yet; always with me...

Why is it hard to let you go,
I know not; everywhere I go
I take you with me...
Often I wonder who you are,
My friend or my own little self???


  1. Lovely lines !
    first paragraph glued me..
    last line was fantastic.. like shadow :)

  2. Beautiful emotions nicely presented.
    It's my pleasure to read you.

    My heartily thanks to you for visiting
    my blog and putting your inspiring words there.

    1. Rakeshji, Thanks a lot for the good words!

  3. lovely!how v long for our childhood friends...i can validate each & every line of this beautiful poem.

    1. Thank you Indu! Glad that we have something in common...

      PS: Welcome to the club!


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