Friday, July 8, 2011

Writing Pangs..

Well, I never thought that not writing in the blog would make me so impatient. There were many things that I had wanted to write about, but owing to the shifting and settling down at a new place, I could never digitalize them or get them on to paper... the urge to write was too much to ignore and I ended up writing a Malayalam poem for my son.

Now as I write these words, I feel strangely liberated. Feels good to be able to write in the blog. I know that not many finds my writing good. I have tried marketing my blog; but results show that it has not worked. I guess I am a better in HR than marketing. I should have known that all along... Perhaps that is why I choose to be a HR professional when I got a choice.

I do hope that this forced silence will help me to churn out better writings... It would at least provide me the motivation to keep them coming - no matter what. This I know for sure - I love writing- a lot more than I thought before. And I sincerely hope that my pen will not stop...

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