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New Year!!!

This New Year has been rather dull... My new year resolution is that I will not take any new year resolutions - No, this is not a rip off from a Salman Khan movie... May be inspired by the many ridiculous dialogues, but not a copy... See how boring my days are; I have started competing with the dialogues of some stupid Bollywood movies!!! Let us not discuss that further as it will bore you to death.

But the question is, why this dullness? I have tons of  chores to do that is lying unattended. Every time I see the heap of the clothes that has to be folded and kept away, it seems to grow inches taller and my heart sinks deeper....Sigh! The spiders that have made the corner of the ceilings their home seems to have a better new year than me. They appear to be partying all time.. And why not? As long as I am this dull and uninspired, they dont have to fear for the loss of their home or life. 

And today, while wistfully staring at the monitor as I didn't know what to read or write, I remembered the thrill that new year used to bring... One would stay awake late at night so that at the stroke of midnight, one could call up the favorite cousins and friends and wish them as the year changes!!! Even before that, numerous greeting cards would have been exchanged for Christmas and new year. Awaiting cards from friends in itself was thrilling...and as one opened card after card, it filled one with happiness untold.

Now, as the SMSes pour in and e-cards bring in animated wishes in a matter of seconds, I fail to find the same thrill as before...Nothing can beat the joy of opening an envelope to find the card sent by a friend / cousin / relative smiling at you! Same is the case with sending SMS and cards in reply... The joy of selecting different greeting cards for all friends and relations from the lot and writing special message in each of them was indeed tremendous. Many times, all the pocket money one had collected would be spent on this single event of the year. Yet, the happiness that one felt was boundless!!! With modern technologies, the cost has come down, but so has the happiness...

Starting a new diary was also equally exciting! As the new year dawned, the diary is filled with one's  hopes, dreams and aspirations. There is always a positive vibe all around. The habit having been lost in the strife has left me a little shaky, I think.

So here I am, rather lost. May be a few more days into the new year I'll be better. Someone wrote that Self Motivation works better than any medicine. But how to be self motivated is the question that nags me right now... 
Let me try and find something motivating... In the mean time, may you all have a great Year ahead!  Happy New Year!!!


  1. Self motivation is very effective. Talking to yourself and spending some quality time contemplating is required time and again. It eases a lot and helps to simplify things. Nicely written Nisha. Wish you a great year ahead...

  2. Thank you Saru! What you said is very true. I should add that nice words from you people is also very motivating!!!

    Have a wonderful 2012!!!

  3. Happy New Year dear...
    Nice post, I get into self motivation every now and then. One needs it so much in this part of the world coz most of the times there's no one around to motivate you...
    Do convey my wishes to everyone at home.
    Good Day!

  4. Happy new year to you and your family.

  5. @ Deepa! Thanks a lot for the wishes...
    Yes, one need to switch to the self motivation mode regularly, especially if one is away from family and friends..

    Happy New Year to you too...

  6. @ Rahul, Thank you and wish you the same!


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