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If you love your........

Every time I log in to Facebook, there will be one or two posts that exalts one's Mother, Sister, Brother, Cousin, Daughter, Friend, Cousins, sons and what not. Probably it is the Fathers who are the least favorites of these ode writers. I have not seen much on fathers...

A typical post goes like this: If u have a brother, whom u luv a lot.... who made u cry sometimes.... fought with u as if it was the end of the world.. Stood up for u.... Drove u crazy.... Watched u succeed.... Saw u fall.... scolded u .... Made u strong.... ; U can't do without him.... Copy n paste this as ur status.... I did this coz i have "The Best Brother" in this world:) {name of the brother}

Now, substitute the brother with sister, cousin and whatever other relation one can think of  and we get nice, touching sweet little writing for our dear ones. I find it all stupid.  Why? Because I don't think that posting some feel good words about someone shows that we love them. And if it does, does that mean the one who do not copy-paste it on one's wall, love them less??? 

What irritated me the most was a post on Mother describing at length the pain and sufferings that she undertook just to bring us to the world... Being a mother myself, I found it the most sham of all. When it is about mother, most people copy paste the post as they all love their mothers... But in real life, how many do really care for the mother? How many people remember their mother's birthdays & wish them or try to be with them and make them feel special? Not many, I am sure. Because posting something on a wall is fairly easy. But being there for someone is not! 

Much less is said for fathers... Didn't they suffer for us too? If moms spent sleepless nights on babies, fathers too did. There are many other ways in which fathers sacrifice and care for their children.. Why no one sings their praise? I am yet to find the answer. For me, both parents are like the wheels of a chariot. If even one fails, the journey is bound to be troublesome. 

Another highly offensive post was on how much amount of pain a mother goes through during delivery... it says that a body can only handle so and so units of pain and a mother feels pain equivalent to having 20 fractures at a time during delivery.... So, if you love your mother, your best critic and strongest supporter, paste it on your wall! What a nonsense!!! Pain is relative. Some people can endure more pain than others and it also depends on many other factors - emotional and physical. So, a mother may not feel exactly the same amount of pain during every delivery.

I wonder who writes all these lines...

Someday some one might write lines for one's adversaries as well... And why not? It could be like this: If you have someone who make your life difficult, enjoyed your failure... made you cry.... envied your success.... blah blah blah.... copy and past this as your status... I did so because I have the best foe in this world... (I dont know if anyone will dare to put a name here).What say you?


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Well, the title was reserved for a blog to be written when Tendulkar hit his hundredth ton... Seems that we will have to wait a little more for that. In the mean while, I reached this personal milestone of 100th entry in my Blog! Even though its not a historical or hyped event, but just a humble achievement of a rather unknown and uninspiring blogger, personally, it is a great achievement for me. What started as a time-pass has now become a passion.  So, allow me to celebrate this small event. It is only proper that I express my gratitude to some important people who have helped me to reach this far.... I started out with no idea of what blogging is or how it is done. I was inspired by my friend Ranjith Menon to start a blog, way back in 2009 (I think). It was created and soon forgotten... Then for two years it lay dormant... I don't know what hit me, but in 2011 I started blogging like a man possessed ... and the result is that I am here at my 100th post today. I

The Lost World

  It must have been around 2 O' clock in the noon... All the people around me were enjoying their mid noon siesta... I was waiting with baited breath among the foliage... Soon, I could hear the voices...and the stealthy footsteps coming closer. I remain hidden behind my favourite mango tree. My heart was thumping... What would happen? Will the plan backfire? Will someone find fault with me? A thousand questions seem to crop up in my mind in a matter of seconds... With the heart beats sounding like drum beats, I waited for the right moment. As soon as the stealthy steps sounded near enough, I darted out from behind the tree and shouted at the top of my voice (believe me, I can be heard by the whole village when I shout!) "Who goes there?''  The shock and terror on the face of my unsuspected victims were inexplicable. They screamed to each other 'Rrruuunn...' and scampered here and there. Soon, most of them were not to be seen, except a small