Friday, December 2, 2011


What's the use of the mirror
When there's none to look at it?
Whom should it smile to,
When its lying out there in dust,
Away from the world's eyes???

This mirror hangs on the wall
Awaiting the right person 
To come and pick it up;
So that  it can give back
That everlasting smile...

Perhaps its crying out loud
For someone to pick it up;
For its feeling lonely & abandoned...
Perhaps it has sealed in its heart
The most beautiful image it ever saw!

And in the lonely moments,
When the longing is intense,
The mirror unveils that image
Embedded in its heart; clear & vivid,
And no more it feels all alone!


  1. Something about mirrors.. they can be used so poetically and meaphorically. Nice post! :)


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