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Munnar Part 3

It has been a long time since my visit to Munnar. I  had written about it in two parts. For those of you who missed it, but would like to read it, here they are: 
Now that I think about it, I realize that I have a little more to share with you all on Munnar. As evident from my earlier posts, it is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to. And even after the passage of a considerable time, (three years to be precise), the place still holds me in its magical beauty!

It was on the last leg of our trip. In fact we were returning home when we chanced upon a board showing distance the to 'Attukal Falls'. Curious, we decided to do a small De-tour. We were not aware that there were any waterfalls nearby. Anyhow, we decided to check it out.

Located at a distance of merely 9kms away from Munnar, this falls is a part of the Pallivasal hydro electric project. It captures ones imagination from the very first sight and one cant help falling in love with the beauty!
The First View

Upon reaching near the falls, we found a rather narrow, rickety road and with some difficulty parked the car in the available space. There were warning boards that no one should attempt to go near the falls as that could be quite risky.
Closer look
 The water gushing down the huge rocks filled in me happiness untold. It seemed like there can be nothing better in life than getting lost in the natural beauty... As I listened to the splashes and booms of the water cascading down, I felt there is nothing that could take me away from this bounty of nature....
Cascading through the rocks...
Of course, it was impossible (at least for me) to go near the waters. Though it is beautiful from far, if one attempts to reach near, it might turn ugly. No one can know how powerful a gushing water can be; it might even be fatal...
Some times calm and sweet
The rocky terrain nearby provides a suitable setting for clicking photos or just gazing into the waters... One has to be extremely careful, though, not to slip.
Sometimes turbulent...
There were not much of people around. A lone tea stall served the few visitors who ventured near the falls with tea /coffee and local snacks. The owner and his family stays atop one of the rocks near the falls...
Flows the water unconcerned...
We spent some time taking in all the beauty of the place and clicking photos... Even after spending hours, one couldn't have enough of it... But at last, we had to move on... So, rather reluctantly, we got back to our car and drove off. But the beauty and charm of the place never really left me till now. Just recalling the experience refreshes the mind even today! Such is the charm that nature holds on us....


  1. Wowww.......have been wanting to go to Munnar for such a long time,didnt get a chance.would love to go someday.I think Munnar is still unexplored unlike ooty and all,which helps it to stay beautiful......

  2. Yes, Priya! One should go there at least once - preferably before it loses its serenity...And no, it is not unexplored... It is a tourist hotspot these days...
    It is definitely one of the beautiful places of Kerala...


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Well, the title was reserved for a blog to be written when Tendulkar hit his hundredth ton... Seems that we will have to wait a little more for that. In the mean while, I reached this personal milestone of 100th entry in my Blog! Even though its not a historical or hyped event, but just a humble achievement of a rather unknown and uninspiring blogger, personally, it is a great achievement for me. What started as a time-pass has now become a passion.  So, allow me to celebrate this small event. It is only proper that I express my gratitude to some important people who have helped me to reach this far.... I started out with no idea of what blogging is or how it is done. I was inspired by my friend Ranjith Menon to start a blog, way back in 2009 (I think). It was created and soon forgotten... Then for two years it lay dormant... I don't know what hit me, but in 2011 I started blogging like a man possessed ... and the result is that I am here at my 100th post today. I

The Lost World

  It must have been around 2 O' clock in the noon... All the people around me were enjoying their mid noon siesta... I was waiting with baited breath among the foliage... Soon, I could hear the voices...and the stealthy footsteps coming closer. I remain hidden behind my favourite mango tree. My heart was thumping... What would happen? Will the plan backfire? Will someone find fault with me? A thousand questions seem to crop up in my mind in a matter of seconds... With the heart beats sounding like drum beats, I waited for the right moment. As soon as the stealthy steps sounded near enough, I darted out from behind the tree and shouted at the top of my voice (believe me, I can be heard by the whole village when I shout!) "Who goes there?''  The shock and terror on the face of my unsuspected victims were inexplicable. They screamed to each other 'Rrruuunn...' and scampered here and there. Soon, most of them were not to be seen, except a small