Friday, May 20, 2011


I had wanted to call out to you;
The dark night was calm-
Except for the cricket and nightingale,
The world seemed to be asleep
Under the thick blanket of darkness.

I was alone; yet not...
Your thoughts remained with me
Throughout the day-
Unconditional of my activities...
And it seemed to me-
You and I are one!

Perhaps you were thinking of me
From a place faraway...
Perhaps your higher self made a visit to me-
Awake in your dreams...
Yes, I felt you near  me!

I know - the physical presence
Counts not much;
But the unsaid words and yearning soul
Sometimes wish...
To behold you before the eyes;
To reassure that one is not alone -
It is not You and I;
It is more of US!!!

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