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आसमान के गोदी में खिले हैं हज़ारों तारें सूनी सी राहों पे बिखर रहे हैं झलक चाँदिनी की; रजनी गंधा भी खिले हैं रात की आँचल में... मैं बैठी हूँ अम्बर को निहारे, दूर बसे तारे, जब मुझे देख के हँसने लगी  तो मैं भी- एक पल के लिए अपने ग़मों को भूल गयी... खुशियों के सौगात ले आई यह तारे अचानक खिल उठी मन की गलियाँ सारी तारों के तरह चमकने लगी दिल में ख़ुशी एक नए दिन की इंतज़ार हैं  अब मुझे; ज़िन्दगी के राहों पर ख़ुशी से मैं चलूं  नयी राह नयी दिशा; सब कुछ नया ही लगे..  

First Love

My thoughts turn to you- The first love of my life... I was young and naive, But I was too much in love.. You were dark and handsome, Majestic, and awesome... I could not be away from you  - Every day I came running to you... We spent hours together, For me, you were always there You lend me your ears, And wiped away my tears... When I heard your sound, My heart used to pound... I played with you, talked to you I cried on you, and laughed too.. I couldn't think of a life without you I thought I would die without you... Yet when the years passed by, We also parted and fell by... Now when I see your cousins Roaring down the roads herein, My heart skips a beat and I Fervently flashes over my eye How I wish I could mount you And talk till I fall asleep on you; How I wish I could ride you And feel the thrill of being with you.... To remember the good old days When we were together always; Now, how can I ever forget My first love -my dear old Bullet

Munnar Part 3

It has been a long time since my visit to Munnar. I  had written about it in two parts. For those of you who missed it, but would like to read it, here they are: Now that I think about it, I realize that I have a little more to share with you all on Munnar. As evident from my earlier posts, it is one of the most beautiful places that I have ever been to. And even after the passage of a considerable time, (three years to be precise), the place still holds me in its magical beauty! It was on the last leg of our trip. In fact we were returning home when we chanced upon a board showing distance the to 'Attukal Falls'. Curious, we decided to do a small De-tour. We were not aware that there were any waterfalls nearby. Anyhow, we decided to check it out. Located at a distance of merely 9kms away from Munnar, this falls is a part of the Pallivasal hydro electric proje

रूहानी गीत

दिल के दर्पण में मैंने जब  उतारी उम्मीदों की छवियाँ; तो दिखाई दिए मुझे झलक  परमात्मा के पावन प्रेम का! न मैं समझ पायी उनके  अपार लीला को कभी भी; पर यकीन मेरे दिल में हैं  समझूँगी मैं भी एक दिन! बस इक चाह हैं अभी दिल में मोह माया में डूबकर यह मेरी ज़िन्दगी कभी भी न हो जाए  एक ही पल में  विध्वस्त !!!  

Award Time!!!

I was super thrilled when my fellow blogger Leo Paw informed me that I am being nominated for an award. Now I can appreciate the feelings of people who win nominations for Oscar better...  :-) I never thought getting a nomination would be such special a feeling! So Thanks to Leo Paw for this honor! Though I don't have all the details, I understand that one has to follow the guidelines as under: Nominate 15 Fellow Bloggers Inform them about their nominations Share 7 random things about oneself. Thank the blogger who nominated you. Add the picture of Versatile Blog Award in one's blog posts Now I wish to pass on the honor to the following fellow bloggers: Jaya Madhavan for inspiring me to start blogging through her "Loony Life"  Leo Paw for his magnanimous  " Bigbitz"   Saru Singhal for her magical " Words " Joshi Daniel for creating magic in black & white through " Joshi Daniel's  Photography" Ro