Friday, December 16, 2011

Award Time!!!

I was super thrilled when my fellow blogger Leo Paw informed me that I am being nominated for an award. Now I can appreciate the feelings of people who win nominations for Oscar better...  :-) I never thought getting a nomination would be such special a feeling! So Thanks to Leo Paw for this honor!

Though I don't have all the details, I understand that one has to follow the guidelines as under:
  • Nominate 15 Fellow Bloggers
  • Inform them about their nominations
  • Share 7 random things about oneself.
  • Thank the blogger who nominated you.
  • Add the picture of Versatile Blog Award in one's blog posts
Now I wish to pass on the honor to the following fellow bloggers:
  1. Jaya Madhavan for inspiring me to start blogging through her "Loony Life" 
  2. Leo Paw for his magnanimous  "Bigbitz" 
  3. Saru Singhal for her magical "Words"
  4. Joshi Daniel for creating magic in black & white through "Joshi Daniel's  Photography"
  5. Roopa K M for vocalizing the "Voice of a Village Girl"
  6. Deepa Gopal for her world of creative art work "Hues and Shades"
  7. Malini Rajesh for opening up unknown places through her "Travellenz"
  8. Anshul Dutt for telling stories in picture  through "Pixel Buffet"
  9. Magic eye for truly being the magical eye in "Mumbai Daily"
  10. Ranjith for the "Light hearted talk"
  11. Deepak Karthik for doing "Whatever it Takes"
  12. Rajkumar for sharing a lot of knowledge through an assortment of blogs like  "Elixir of Knowledge"
  13. Arti for taking me to various unknown and unseen places through "My Yatra Diary"
  14. Bijoy and his friends (Arun, SR, Sandy & Andy) for bringing nature close to me through the "Green Ogre"
  15. Preeti Shenoy for her wisdom in being "Just a Mother of Two"
Random Things about me? Well, here I go....
  1. Once I traveled sitting on the luggage rack in the general compartment of a train.
  2. I was nicknamed sleeping beauty by my friends as I used to sleep through the lectures at college.
  3. I don't enjoy routines.
  4. I forgot most of my dialogues while acting in drama @ college; needless to say, our drama got over in less than 10 minutes!
  5. I like organizing better than performing.
  6. Once, I didn't realize that there were glass doors in the hotel we were staying at, and banged straight into them, hurting my nose!!!
  7. I believe that "If something is worth doing, its worth doing well"
Phew! That's a lot about me.... Now, let me share the news with my friends who have made to my list. I wish I could add a few more, but...

Once again, Thank you Leo Paw!


  1. Thank you so much :) total surprise, EUPHORIA :)
    thanks for your acknowledgement it requires a lot of generosity :)

  2. Deepak! I can imagine how you are feeling... Glad I could bring some happiness!

  3. Congrats Nisha, way to go.

    Thank you for nominating me. I am honored... :)

  4. Nisha...Did you sleep during my lectures too? I don't remember..ha..ha!!

  5. No Sir, That was before SIT. I could have never slept in your classes even if I had wanted to. You had an uncanny knack of ensuring all students are awake and participating...and I am glad that I didn't miss any of your lectures...I should confess that I can't say the same for some other teachers we had at SIT. I'd rather not take any name! :-)

  6. Thanks for this priceless honor...

    village girl

  7. Congrats Nisha, It's always a pleasure to be here and read your thoughts :) Am truly honoured to recieve the award from you! Many many thanks for the lovely gesture :)

  8. @ Arti, Thanks. I am happy too...

  9. congratulations :)
    and thanks for nominating me :)

  10. Congratulations and Thank you Nisha for the nomination.

  11. @ Joshi,
    Thanks... You deserve the nomination.

  12. Congratulations!!!! Thanks a lot Nisha.... appreciate your kind gesture. I am honoured and really glad!!!
    "miles to go"....girl and am sure you'll do great!

  13. Great to hear that.
    Having gone through some of the posts in this blog, i am pretty sure that you deserve it.

  14. Wow! This is a surprise! Thanks a ton Rahul! Great to know that you have read the blog!


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