Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Kathakali 2

Rukmini in Kuchelavrutham.
The make up code of female characters in Kathakali is called Minukku. Interestingly, in the earlier days, it was men who played the female characters, because only men performed Kathakali. Over years, women have also joined. Here Rukmini is portrayed by a young lady.


LeoPaw said...

True. And that change over has definitely added beauty to the art form. When the feminine characters are performed by a female, there is lot of beauty in their mannerism.

roopz said...

I agree with Leo :)
Nice pic Nishedathi.But it would have been more awesome if you had clicked a full size pic!
You should start a photo blog too...Indiblogger is there to support you :)

Nisha said...

The lasyam (grace) is one of the inherent qualities of female. Especially so in case of performing arts like Kathakali, Mohiniyattam etc.

Having said that, let me also point out that great artists like Late Kottakkal Sivaraman have portrayed female characters successfully.

Nisha said...


Thanks for the comment. I shall try to put a full size pic next time. That was the first time I ever photographed Kathakali live; and believe me, I was lucky enough to click at least some decent snaps.

May be when I get a chance next time, it will be better!!!

Regarding photo blog, I am not so sure... I need to brush up my skill little more.. may be a little knowledge in Photoshop or so will also help :-)

Lets see how it works out.

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