Tuesday, November 22, 2011


The whole world is colourful
when I am with you,
The heartbeats, all restful
as I look up to you...

The never ending love I behold 
in your crystal eyes
Makes me the most treasured 
soul in this world;

My joy knows no bounds; my
heart sings endless odes;
All that life seem to confer on me
is happiness and peace!

It is you who make my life
worthwhile to live
It is you who make my strife
as easy as it is to breathe..

O! My Love! I know my words
didn't tell you this-
But the throbbing heart of mine
sings out my love for you!!!


  1. सब कुछ रंगारंग

  2. हाँ, सब कुछ रंगीन...

  3. "The never ending love I behold
    in your crystal eyes
    Makes me the most treasured
    soul in the world"

    Those words speak miles about altruistic love, WOW :)
    Beautiful poem :)
    Oh, and nice to see a fellow keralite :D
    I'm from TVM :)

    If you had a few minutes to spare, could you read a post of mine? And if you like it, give it a vote? I'd appreciate it a lot :)
    It'd mean a lot to me Ma'am :)


  4. Achyut,
    Thanks for the good words. Read your post too...


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