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As I rode in the turbulent
waves of emotions,
I found anchor in you;

As I dropped down into the falls
of uncertainties,
It was you who held me safe and secure;

As I struggled to understand the
philosophies of life,
It was you who simplified them for me!

As demons of self-doubt started
to flourish in me,
It was you who drove them away;

As I faltered and fumbled along
life's difficult paths,
It was you who gave me a helping hand;

As unanswered questions and
mysteries shrouded me,
It was you who lighted the lamp of wisdom

As life took away from me, my
dreams and aspirations,
It was you who held me together.

As everything turned bleak & grey
and drowned me,
It was you who lifted me up to the lights...

O! Father of  mine, what would my
life be  worth;
If you didn't show me the right path!

You have been the pillar of my strength,
the anchor of my ship,
My light in the darkness;

Dear Father, life would not be
worth living at all,
Had it not been as your daughter!!!


  1. Nisha, nice one. Somebody said "The greatest gift I ever had came from God; I call him Dad!" True.

  2. Hi dear, wonderful sentiment expressed beautifully...So this is how uncle used to be!!! Tell him he's still handsome:) Our love and regds to him:)

  3. Exquisitely put, Nisha! Loved both the pieces - this as well as the one on Mother.

    P.S: In the fairness of things, shouldn't the next one be a paean for the husband?!

  4. Maliniedathi,
    Thanks... Many a times, people seems to write only about mothers. So, this is for our fathers...

  5. Deepa,
    Thanks! And yes, that's how achan used to be. I shall convey your message to him...

  6. Jaji,
    Thanks a lot... I've already penned one on hubby... its titled Beloved! Did you miss it?

  7. Not often do I visit this page. This one really moved me.

  8. These lines are amazing! Very meaningful and very poetic yet strong!

  9. Mohanetta,

    Thanks for dropping in here!

    I feel honored to know your opinion! Please do visit often...

  10. Firasz,

    Thank you for your comments. Glad you liked it!


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